We truly take a genuine interest in helping you develop and grow your business.  We save you time because you will spend less time doing administrative work and more time growing your business, spending time with your family or just having time for yourself.

Social Media Marketing Services


  • Set up and/or tweak profile and/or company page for maximum exposure
  • Create and maintain article inventory of blog articles from your blog and post to targeted market LinkedIn groups
  • Connect with niche market prospects through 2nd and 3rd connections as well as group members
  • Send birthday, anniversary and job change messages to 1st connections to regain presence of prospects
  • Export LinkedIn connections' contact information to use for sending newsletters


  • Follow people using hashtags in your target market(s)
  • Follow and unfollow people


  • Create/update company page
  • Maintain company page by replying to messages, comments, spam control
  • Create/maintain group and invite members


  • Create boards and add pins
  • Follow other people in niche market(s)
  • Tweet pins


  • Posts blog blurbs daily on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and/or Instagram, 7 days a week, geographically targeted to target market time zones
  • Create blog blurb posts for each blog article to be posted on social media platforms


  • Post articles from other various niche market sources per day, 7 days a week, geographically targeted to target market time zones

Content Development & Blog Article Upgrades

  • Creating online articles, blog posts, infographics, mindmaps, designing online presentations, repurposing and redistributing content 
  • Add "Call-To-Action" blurbs to each blog post to get prospects to purchase your products or sign up for your services

Local Search Pages

Social Media Metrics

  • Create spreadsheet of visitor details via Google Analytics and Facebook Insights for you to understand where traffic is coming from to your site and where tweaks should be made to optimize visibility

General Business Administration Services

  • Calendar Management - scheduling one or multiple calendars via Outlook, Google Calendar
  • Data Entry - alpha and numeric data entry
  • Database Maintenance - updating client information, researching new/current client information
  • E-commerce Management - updating text and/or photos for products on various sites
  • E-mail Management - answering e-mails, sorting through and prioritizing e-mails
  • Minute Taking - virtual meetings, webinars 
  • PowerPoint Presentations - creating and editing, including videos
  • Project / Task Management - managing projects, establishing budget, establishing calendar, collecting estimates, researching, reporting
  • Proofreading - all types of documents, grammar, spelling
  • Research - client, competitor, marketing, educational
  • Scheduling Management - scheduling appointments via phone with prospects/clients (free access to calls across Canada/US)
  • Spreadsheet Development - creation and maintenance of various spreadsheets, reports, pivot tables, charts
  • System and procedures - creating Standard Operating Procedures, evaluating administrative needs, reporting proposed system, automating processes
  • Travel Arrangements - booking flights, hotels, car rentals
  • Typing / Word Processing - correspondence, memos, letters, hand-written documents, document layout and editing

Event Planning

  • Creating budget
  • Establishing deadline calendar
  • Evaluation of needs, collection of information and estimates
  • Finalizing contracts
  • Managing registration, collection of payments, participant list
  • Establishing schedule
  • Distribution of information
  • Post event report
  • Meeting space reservations
  • Food and beverage
  • Collecting of fees if required
  • Forwarding information to clients
  • Forwarding receipts
  • Establishing participant lists

Specialty Services

  • Medical transcription
  • Translation from French to English, English to French

If there are any services that are not listed, please ask!